Our website received an algorithmic penguin penalty in October 2013. We were manually trawling through thousands of links to find the toxic ones, I did not have the knowledge to be able to identify good links from toxic ones so I found this to be a laborious task and we needed to find a more efficient method. We researched a number of link deletion services and decided to use the service of LinkAudit. After putting in an enquiry request I was contacted via email by an agent to discuss the link removal process. They set me up on their automated link removal service which made the task a lot easier, and was satisfying watching links being deleted very quickly. I had contact with Steve who I found to have very good knowledge of link deletion and he assisted with my enquiries. Finally on Saturday 18th October our penguin penalty was removed. Clearly the help in the removal of toxic links by LinkAudit had helped remove the penalty. A recommended service to anyone who has suffered a link penalty. Thanks    Nick www.movingeverywhere.co.uk

We were hit with a google penalty for links that our previous SEO guy had built. Not being from an SEO background myself I was at a bit of a loss of how to proceed.
I was desperately searching the internet for advice and found a blog post which recommended The Link Auditors for people in my position. I had a great consultation with Jason who outlined what I needed to do and when to do it. The tools were simple to use and effective. They analysed which were the bad links and then helped me get them removed, while all the time keeping a log of the progress.
Having heard stories of multiple reconsideration requests being rejected I would definitely recommend using the Link Auditors, with their help we got our penalty revoked after the first request.    Dave Ellse www.redwallet.com

The Link Auditors tools was the best money spent as it cleaned our profile and keeps all our online presence clean. I cannot recommend them enough, they always help when asked, are proactive with tools and responsive to feedback. Simply put if you want to do the job right using their tools is a no brainer. Mike Cooke www.phc-law.co.uk

We had a massive problem with bad links arising from shoddy SEO work. Link Auditors gave us the tools we needed to clean things up - and see an immediate boost in rankings. Harry Bingham www.AgentHunter.co.uk

Having been hit by a Google penalty last year I turned to Linkauditors who analyzed the range of websites pointing to me and automated the process of requesting link removal. After 2x reconsiderations & further link removal my Google penalty was lifted.    Mark Gregory www.compareequityrelease.com

Having tried other companies offering a detox service I can honestly say that The Link Auditors have offered the most comprehensive, friendly, informative and effective service. Carole www.ilovecashmere.co.uk

We found The Link Auditors, one of the most efficient cleaning program. It saved us from hours of work through a functional and easy interface, and by placing our link profile to a safe level. Jeff Grant www.Onlinecasinoselite.com

I subscribed to Link Audit tools just after the last penguin update in October. It was simply a case of running them and leaving the auto contact web master feature to do its thing. After a few weeks I tried a reconsideration request and it worked. That was earlier in the year. My site has recovered very well since then with quite a number of key search terms back on page 1. The traffic has increased along with sales. John www.love2have.co.uk/

We have used the Link Auditor Software for a many years now and I must say we are very impressed with the features it has. The software works very differently from others in the market. It really drills down the link data so that you only look at exactly what is causing the problem. The contacting feature is the market leader in terms outreaching for link removal. This not only finds contact information of websites via whois but it will scan the sites for email addresses and contact forms. It automatically cracks the captchas of the contact forms and sends the requests for you. Using this software we have been able to do some very quick recoveries for manual penalties. In one case we had a full recovery in just 4 days. From the link analysis, to link removal to filing the reconsideration, we received a successful revoke. Adam www.Zazzlemedia.co.uk

We are a charity dealing with debt advice and we recently suffered a complete loss of positions in Google for over a month. We must be what is described as collateral damage. We was tarnished with the brush of having bad links which were actually from another charity which had also been penalised as a result of having a bunch of poorly laid out web sites. After the phones stopped ringing we realised Google had affected our ranking, eventually we ended up employing the Link Auditors who found the offending links and resolved our issues within a few days. David Rodger www.debtadvicefoundation.org

I can't believe how easy these tools are to use and how quick! I had a handful dodgy links to my site and with the link removal tool I must have saved at least 4 hours trying to find out who these guys were, how to contact them, what to write etc. This system does it for me, amazing. I managed to get rid of a whole bunch and I can see the results in my ranking already. You guys really know your stuff! Richard Bierhuizen www.footlogics.com.au

We got a Google Penguin penalty from bad links that the old SEO company provided, without us understanding the link building they were doing. Our site went from 1st page on Google with all our major keywords to page 20th.

We then worked with multiple other SEO companies that never got any of our toxic links taken down in the year we had been working on it. We did nothing but throw money in the trash with these companies, but we didn't know what else to do. We were dying a slow death as our traffic went from 175 visits a day to about 30. In desperation after all the lost money I decided to take the matter into our own hands. We found a few solutions out there but they were to expensive to even try and looked too complicated to figure out. It seemed it would cost us $3000 to $4000 to try again, too much money for us to gamble.

Then we found the Link Auditors and found their system to be really easy to use for someone that is not a dedicated webmaster. They walked us through the process with the automatic tools, which was really easy. All I had to do was punch a button once a week and it did all the heavy lifting for us. A month later we got a lot more links removed than I thought was going to be possible. We knew we'd never get all the links off, but we did get a really good number of them removed, then we dis-avowed the rest.

We have now started to move up again each week with our rankings. I can't say enough good things about Link Auditors and their staff! The people and tools that the Link Auditors provide are top notch and cannot be compared to anything else we have found. Steve Gustine www.PlasmaRouteCnc.com

I paid for a full link audit, the information supplied was very thorough. It identified a mass of links that I never knew I had, a lot of which were rubbish. With the automatic tools I was able to remove a significant proportion of these rubbish links, the automated tools certainly save you a load of time. Adam Mason www.absolutealps.com

I almost forgot about it until after around some 10 weeks -after using this service- I started getting found again on Google. Now with my main keyword again on spot #1 and all in all more than 60 keywords among the top 100 - means all are on page 1 - must say this is better than it was before last Google update :-) Juergen @ www.managed-forex-accounts.com


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