Understanding Google Penalties

Manual Google Penalty

Manual penalties are issues by Google Spam team, These are less common than the several types algorithmic penalties, often these are severe and the impact is usually across the entire site, taking a website usually top of its sector and being removed from Google results (SERPS's), if not totally removed from google Search Engine, then past page 10.

Usually manual penalties are followed by an email to the sites Web Master Tools account, stating manual action has been taken. Unlike Algorithmic penalties, there is no expiry time, only a reconsideration request sent to Google once a full link audit has been carried out and the offending links has been removed.

A manual penalty is issued if Google "believe" that the website in question has been manipulated to rank higher in the results pages. Breaking Google's Guidelines.

Google will provide just 1 or 2 links of the dozens, hundreds or even thousands they believe are UN natural. For example paid links, excessive exchanged links or guest blog posting, to name just a few, did you know many years ago paid links was considered natural?

WHAT DO YOU DO? Talk to us. We have years of experience in recovering website's from google manual penalties.

Algorithmic Google Penalty

Algorithmic penalties are very common, you be very surprised how many sites actually have some kind of penalty. The effects of an Algorithmic Penalty vary; the impact could be just a single term losing a few positions to colossal damage across the site.

80% of the time I would say webmasters are UN aware they have a penalty and believe is down to “SEO”, basically not enough links built or keywords stuffed into their pages. 90% of SEO agencies around the world do more damage than good, its them who cause the penalties in the first place, giving SEO agencies such a BAD name and the entire industry had to re brand to “Digital Marketing” even then they managed to smear this name. So the latest ingredient is “White Hat” (There is no such thing as white has SEO).

A lot of the time it’s only when webmasters who keep a close eye on keyword positions notice drops for specific search terms. One clear signal your site has had an algorithmic penalty applied is when a Google update is carried out, you sites main terms and several pages fall from say page 1 to page 5. The 2 most common penalties that even most novice webmasters are aware of are Penguin and Panda.


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