Pages Indexed Tool

The Pages Indexed Tool finds pages that have been de-indexed by Google. There could be various reasons why Google have decided not to index these pages, namely it could be where you have removed these pages for a particular reason, and the data we have from Majestic is not fresh, thus showing false positives. However if these are pages should be indexed and you do want them to be ranked in the SERPs, then this is a very serious issue since landing pages you have set up to capture traffic which have been de-indexed means you have raised a flag within Google, who have decided they do not like these pages. These pages may have picked up a penalty, or maybe the whole site lacks trust, or maybe the domain could be lacking Juice and needs more PR weighted links to these specific pages to encourage Google to crawl deeper. Alternatively it may will be that the content on these pages is too similar in nature to other pages and Google have de-indexed them because they lack unique content.


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