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How to Get Out of a Google Penalty

Sometimes being hit with a Google penalty or receiving an unnatural links warning can come as a complete surprise; here is how to get out of a Google Penalty.

However whatever the situation when a penalty hits, the key to a successful reconsideration request is ensuring you have the right tools to get out as quickly and efficiently as possible, never go back and learn from the mistakes!

Key Reasons for Google Penalties

As the sophistication of the Google algorithm continues to develop, the ability of the search engine to be able to find sites that are constructed purely to rank highly in search engines is getting better and better, which means serious issues for anyone that is too blatant in their approach.

The Google dream is for all web masters to be solely focused on providing high quality sites, that create natural backlinks across the board. Though for the business owner, search engine results can mean the difference between success and failure.

By using poor quality link building techniques, this will most definitely result in receiving a google penalty. Obvious paid links, guest blog posting, link exchanging, over optimisation, spun content, links from banned domains, banned pages, site wide links all are reason your site could fall victim of Google's penalties.

Finding Toxic Links

For many, identifying the genuine toxic inks is the hardest part. You can look at your check your list of links in Web Master Tools, but there is no indication to their "Health" not to mention WMT includes historical links, or you can just guess what links you think is causing a problem.

The link could be banned or considered a 'bad' link under Google assessment, or one IP address could be generating multiple links to your site, indicating a link network, or the sites themselves are simply of low trust.

It doesn't matter whether toxic links have been introduced by you, your web master or a malicious third party; the key to getting your penalty removed is to show Google that you are putting in the effort and getting rid of those links.

All our tools are specifically designed to find these links and get them removed.

The Benefit of a Link Audit

Though many companies will offer the opportunity to remove between 10-20% of all toxic backlinks, the Link Audit automaic backlink removal system can easily remove 75% of all harmful backlinks in a short space of time, giving you the opportunity to get out a Google penalty and stay out of it.

We won't falsely boost results with historical links, no follow links for PR n/a sites that simply create extra noise in the report. Instead we provide clear and accurate results that feed directly into our free to use Content Management System so that your toxic links are removed quickly and permanently.

Our unnatural links warning will ensure any potentially harmful links are immediately recognised, giving you the opportunity to remove them before Google can even take action.

We even provide a high quality reconsideration request examples to make sure your site, once cleaned up, gets back on track without delay.

Removing Toxic Links

The one true way to get out of a Google penalty is simple. Identify harmful links and get them removed.

Remember the Disavow tool is not a tool for getting out of penalties. It will enable users to identify sites where every effort to remove links has been unsuccessful. However, putting all your toxic links into the Disavow tool in the hope that it will boost your credibility simply won't work.

We have two tools specially designed to get harmful links removed with one single click. Our Automated Link Removal tools are so efficient that in just a few weeks, hundreds of links are removed.


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