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Are you suffering with poor organic traffic from Google?

Has your rankings in Google's search engine dropped?

Are you worried about Google penalties?

Are you worried about Negative SEO (competitors harming your search ranks?)

Have you used an SEO company in the past who were buying links?


Google have declared war against web site owners who they suspect have manipulated 'their' search results and are 'gaming their system'. That system is called Adwords and Google demands that companies pay them for the privilege of getting referral traffic from their search engine.

If you were once listed top in the FREE 'organic' search results, chances are that Google have now removed you from those top positions, they prefer instead that you pay for the privilege of any traffic they refer to you! It's not rocket science, but it is huge business!

Therefore Google penalize anyone caught by them using Paid Links, Guest Blog Posts, Info Graphics, Link Networks, Blog Networks, Directory links, Article sites, Press release sites, and SEO in general, who did so with the intention of improving their business or gaining higher positions in Google's organic results.

SEO companies used these types of links arrogantly believing they were working with impunity without any care or consideration for any backlash from Google, conveniently believing instead that Google would simply 'ignore' or discount these toxic links, as a result honest companies like yours are now languishing at the bottom of the search results with little idea as to what's changed or why!

Google now demand that companies affected by drops in search positions audit their back links and REMOVE all links that could be considered PAID links and manipulative. As a result affected companies face TWO huge challenges. Firstly to distinguish which of their links are toxic and Secondly to get these toxic links removed.

Finding these toxic links manually is difficult and laborious. We were the first company to develop auditing tools 5 years ago which automatically detect toxic links, long before anyone else in SEO was even aware that bad links would harm their ranks. Our tools have been used by thousands of companies to clean up their back link profiles since that time.

Removing toxic links is also an extremely laborious process, requiring that you find the contact details or contact forms and post messages to the web owners. Each message can take minutes to send.

Again for this we have amazing tools which can automatically handle these processes and achieve better results than doing it manually.

What we will do for £359:


1) find links on banned pages

2) find links on banned domains

3) find links on Interconnected domains

4) find sitewide links

5) find links that have over optimised anchor texts (penguin)


1) find working email addresses for the toxic links

2) find working contact forms for the toxic links

3) send email takedown messages to all

4) post to the contact forms on the sites messages (including breaking the Captcha challenges)

5) contact the hosting companies requesting action is taken by the owners

At the end of this process you will have a list of links that we have removed, typically we can get about half the links removed, in general about half will just not respond, those hard to remove links can then be disavowed (which we will provide a list).

If a manual penalty has been received and a notice has been sent by Google we also give you a form that you can use to provide Google with all the work we have done to locate all toxic links and our efforts made to remove those links.


The Link Auditors tools was the best money spent as it cleaned our profile and keeps all our online presence clean. I cannot recommend them enough, they always help when asked, are proactive with tools and responsive to feedback. Simply put if you want to do the job right using their tools is a no brainer. Mike Cooke

We had a massive problem with bad links arising from shoddy SEO work. Link Auditors gave us the tools we needed to clean things up - and see an immediate boost in rankings. Harry Bingham

Having been hit by a Google penalty last year I turned to Linkauditors who analysed the range of website's pointing to me and automated the process of requesting link removal. After 2x reconsideration's & further link removal my Google penalty was lifted. Mark Gregory

Having tried other companies offering a detox service I can honestly say that The Link Auditors have offered the most comprehensive, friendly, informative and effective service. Carole

See More Testimonials Here


1) No other company has our Link Removal Tools. Other companies who offer similar services simply tell you to disavow all the toxic links they find. That said, it is common knowledge that the disavow tool is NOT effective (Google's tool which indicates to them which links you would like to be ignored). Google only offered the disavow tool in a backlash against negative SEO (people harming competitors ranks with toxic links). Google themselves suggest tacking action to actually remove toxic links but that is hard to do manually. However, watching our tools break Captcha challenges in contact forms and successfully post aggressive takedown notices which get immediate action is a joy to watch!

2) Other companies in this sector have high numbers of false positives and false negatives, missing harmful links and classifying harmful links as good!

3) Worse than classifying links wrongly, they include no follow links that should be ignored, these links are not harmful as they are not manipulating the results.

4) Other companies mark links as suspicious, this means they don't really know if they are harmful so they tell you to manually check them, this completely defeats the object of having a link audit in the first place. We don't confuse the issue with classifying links ambiguously in such a way.

5) Some other companies don't provide link data, they expect you to get this from Google webmaster tools and the other data providers such as (Majestic, Moz, Ahref etc.), then combine it all and filter out any duplicates, no follows, site-wide links, missing links, etc. this can be difficult and so instead you end up with a list with thousands of links which they will then charge you to analyze. The worse part is you will end up with too much data that will be impossible to focus on. Instead we gather all this data from the third party suppliers for you, filter it, analyze it, then actually attempt to remove the toxic links, leaving you with literally nothing to do other than tell us what domain you would like us to fix!


STEP 1) Give us your domain name, your email, name and phone number

STEP 2) Pay

STEP 3) Upload your Google back link data (optional)

STEP 4) We provide you a list of toxic links

STEP 5) We start working on getting them removed

STEP 6) We provide a full report of what we got removed after 2 weeks


STEP 7) We provide a disavow lists which you can upload to Google

STEP 8) We provide you reconsideration request for Google that you can upload explaining all the work we done to find and remove your toxic links (useful of you have a manual penalty).


If you have a manual penalty this work should be enough to get this removed. However note, Google will sometimes ask you to do more work before they remove penalties.

If you have an algorithmic Google penalty this should remove enough of the toxic links which caused the penalty to occur, bringing you back into the realm of what's considered 'normal' for the Internet. However note, some algorithmic penalties take time to come down, this is because Google apply penalties for different times according to the severity of the manipulation they discovered.

Ultimately this work will improve your rankings in Google and help you avoiding any further penalties in the future.


We guarantee to make this process easier for you to manage than any other company in this sector or your money back! We guarantee to beat any other company in this sector or your money back.




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