What Went Wrong Here?

The TOP SEO Company in London has JUST been hit with a Google penalty!

Here at The Link Auditors we help companies understand why they are loosing positions in Google and we work on removing penalties for our clients. Often SEO companies make mistakes for their clients and evidently sometimes even negativly effecting themselves when they use low quality link resources and apply them in unnatural ways.

Case Study

We have provided a deep analysis of the back links of UWPGROUP.CO.UK and isolated their toxic and low quality links to understand better the general types of links they have which were once valued by Google while they enjoyed Google’s top spot; and also to understand why those links now have now resulted in the company being penalized by Google.

So what did This Top SEO Company Do Wrong

Have a look at the LINK AUDIT WE DID ON THEM, let me know what you think?

We can also show the drop was NOT part of some industry-wide Google update by looking at the general activity for that day that this was an isolated drop, in fact we can also show that this website droped more than 100k other sites that day:

Google volatility

OK lets take a look at some of the issues found by our Link Audit:

And according to the number of site-wide links they have we can also see issues there: