Updates and Negative SEO tool launched

Couple of interesting posts recently about Google and spam,

Firstly their announcement that spam action can follow you around onto new sites and that if you try to get out of a penalty the Nazis at Google will try to slap any other sites you launch.


In related news Google suggest that they will also look at your other sites when applying penalties.


The Google Nazis will look for any unique identifying numbers such as company numbers published on the sites or telephone numbers that they can use to tie domains together along with any other metrics such as Adsense codes, other ad platform codes, or shared Webmastertool accounts and domains on shared IP’s.

When trying to sidestep a penalty on a new fresh domain, it’s clearly important to remove all association elements that can give the game away. It is also important to rewrite content and ensure that the content on the new domain is not a copy of content on a penalized site making it difficult to take a penalized domain and switch to a new one without plenty of work.

None of this is new news to us, we have been telling our clients this consistently for many years, the only thing that’s new is its now confirmed by Google!

If you want help to sidestep a penalty then get in touch, don’t risk doing all the work to build a new website without discussing our aged domain finder service first, this is where we help clients bypass penalties using aged domains that can quickly recover lost traffic and bypass sandboxes.


We have some amazing tools and one of them is the new tool to monitor for negative SEO. Actually this is an old tool for us but we have not made it public until now.

Our Negative SEO tool is the most powerful tool on the market to protect against NEGATIVE SEO. This tool will highlight any new links, compared to when it the tool was last run. It is also a fantastic tool for monitoring your back links, anchor text and the amount of juice pointing to a domain over time, keeping the most detailed and accurate historical record of links pointing to a domain which can be correlated to changes in SEARCH POSITIONS. It’s also very useful for analyzing any problems that occur so you know which links caused changes. This tool should be run every month, compiling detailed snapshots of your link profile. Cost to run this tool is £29 GBP.

To use this ‘new’ tool log into your account here:


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