Something is brewing!

There was lots of reports over the last few days with people talking about penalties finally being lifted, it seems at least from first reports that all these Disavow Lists that people have been uploading are finally being noticed and considered.

It’s early days and reports so far seem to claim it’s penguin related. HOWEVER, its about time for Google to make one of their major changes as they normally shake up the SEO world at least once every year, with their ongoing efforts to confuse and create fear among the players involved; making sure no one becomes too complacent with thinking they have beating Google just yet.

Given Google are not making any announcement (typical of when they do something NEW) it could be …. something new. So what could it be? There was some talk from Matt recently suggesting that they may introduce a ‘SOFTER PANDA’.

OR, it could be something new, but it seems there’s more reports of recoveries after a long hiatus following penalties, rather than those reporting they have just been smashed, so it sounds more like Goggle have just connected the disavow cable to the results.

Let me know what you’re seeing…


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