.Simple tips on Google Algorithms- How to Avoid Penalties

Audit Your Links

Google now endeavor to check a websites backlinks for any black hat techniques, one of which is webmasters acquiring poor quality backlinks to their domain, to achieve this Google have now developed several algorithms and they apply penalties to websites they feel have violated their guidelines.

What Can Google Algorithms Find?

– Websites having low quality content
– Copied content from other sources
– Multiplicative links
– Paid links
– Keyword stuffing and over optimization of anchor texts

Similar Anchor Text in Backlinks

It is essential you use anchor texts sensibly; you should not over optimize your backlinks no more then you would optimize you on-page keywords. Anything over 3-4% could be considered over optimized. You must not be adding keywords that are irrelevant to the content of the website, page, blog etc.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing maybe something that has not been done purposefully by you though this could still be affected by Google’s Penguin filter. The on-page keyword density should be below 3-4% for any search terms.

Original Content

Google seeks to ensure the content of the website / blog is original, it checks for spun content, poor quality content etc. The chances are you will be impacted by Google’s Panda algorithm.

Simple tips to ensure you don’t become a Google Panda or Penguin victim:

– Blog posts set to over about 500 words may help improve quality
– Make sure you link out naturally to other sources, these should not be the most common websites on the Internet I.e. the Wikipedia and Facebook and when linking out to other sources make sure that the pages you link to are relevant and that they are not commonly linked too, that way you will be adding value to the debate!
– Keep the theme of the content throughout you site relevant to one topic
– Don’t use SEO and avoid the top positions in Google’s natural search results *
– Pay Google (using Adwords) for the privilege of all your traffic *
– Avoid ‘guest blog posts’ and anyone who offers them to you.
– Avoid ‘Info Graphics’ and everyone who offers them to you.
– Avoid ‘Inbound Marketeers’, just as much as you would ‘SEO GURUS’
– If you are selling products, advertise in Google shopping pages (small fees may apply).
– Avoid web developers who don’t understand 301 redirects and 410 header codes.
– If you have any SEO problems Tweet Matt Cutts or John Mu so they may ignore you.
– If you get a warning in webmastertools, panic.
– If you get a loss of traffic don’t ask your SEO expert why, just fire them.
– If your SEO Guru tells you they don’t know why you’ve lost your traffic, it’s probably because of them.
– There maybe value in these tips as well as some sarcasm too.
– If someone else promises they can fix your Google Penalty, ask them how many false positives does it take to make a link audit. *
– If you read on an authority SEO blog that you can fix your penalty by filtering low page rank links and disavowing them, make sure you Google plus one them.
– If you read that you can simply disavow your links and your penalties will vanish, remember another option is to prey to Google too.

All advice is Link Auditors own, if you are concerned about Google Penalties or require assistance please contact us for help today

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