Should You Edit Your Over Optimised Links?

Something that has come out recently on SERoundTable is that Google
most likely look at minor edits in links as a signal to evaluate

It’s been often observed that Google will lower a sites rank that has
just gained a new link when they have suspicions over the site being
linked to, in this case if someone panics and edits the link Google
can confirm that it was suspicious and the site stays lower, if
however the link stays the same often Google will give the benefit of
the doubt and the ranks return higher (don’t edit links if ranks

HOWEVER, in this twist, it is thought that Google will consider links
that have been edited as lower trust if the edits are to anchor texts
and were not previously suspicious. So an anchor text such as ‘click
here’ which had a positive effect on the ranks that was later edited
to ‘cheap ***spam*’ would be highly suspicious.

But that’s not the going to be the normal case so where edits take
place and most likley people edit things that are already suspicious
(trying to fix mistakes):

Example: Someone places a link into an article then a few weeks later
noticed a mistake (over optimization) and changes the anchor text to
something less obvious, in such a case Google probably never trusted
the link in the first place anyway and so these minor edits only
confirm their suspicions.

However there is another consideration in general to consider, from a
technical POV there is a cost to Google to analyze pages, obviously
they don’t want to reanalyze pages which have already been analyzed
and the data factored into their results (they wouldn’t get anywhere
if they did that) therefore it is thought (by me) that pages have
finger prints and when Google see the page again, if there is a small
change to the finger print it wont bother trying to work out whats
changed, any minor edits therefore will only be picked up in a few
months time when the next big update happens and they recalculate
everything again.

The result of this (1) minor edits take a long time to be noticed
anyway and (2) coupled with the likelihood that Google may consider
this an indication of spam, it is probably even less attractive to
make minor edits to anchor texts.

My recommendation would be instead of making small edits to links when
mistakes such as over optimization have occurred, it would be better
to make instead a completely new article, completely scraping the old
article to start again.

However, that does not mean no edits should take place, you can and
should still edit articles and links to improve them especially before
Google have seen them, just bare in mind that when editing links
Google can use this an indication of spam and therefore try not to
make mistakes in advance!

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