Recovering from making the wrong SEO Choice!

There are many factors to consider when choosing a SEO company to help you navigate the terrain in today’s hostile environment, especially when Google is dishing out penalties for one thing or another every day to manipulators of their search engine. 

The history in this sector is catastrophic, as a result many are looking to change their SEO company after being penalized as a result of the work that their former SEO agency performed. Never, in any other industry I’ve been involved with before have I seen so much collateral damage caused as a result of such piss poor work. I’ve found a complete lack of understanding & incompetence, all coupled with an unhealthy dollop of arrogance, as I have in looking at what these so-called ‘experts’ have done for their former clients. 

At The Link Auditors, we are at the revival end of when such projects go sour, people often come to us only when they have literally ruined their domains, the penalties they are plagued with are often difficult to remove and sometimes impossible, not surprising really with the sheer number of toxic links they have.

The typical defenses some SEO ‘experts’ often give is: ‘that was what used to work in Google’, this is not only untrue but throughly ignorant, there is no justification for their lack of understanding, they were simply incompetent. Google have for many years (since 2006+) been rewarding relevancy and competency, little of what we see in these reports is that.

But why do companies make the wrong decisions and employ these incompetents in the first place? It’s an interesting phenomenon where I’ve watched companies go down the wrong road despite their being pretty obvious signs that should have alerted them. So what were the ingredients that led them follow the wrong road in the first place?

From what I can see, it’s a combination of lack a of knowledge on their side, but of course thats why they employ ‘experts’ in the first place, coupled with a few other elements that all add up to the fatal choices that one day result in these harsh Google penalties.

An Industry full of charlatans: as a result it’s pretty hard to distinguish companies from one another since they often emulate each other, that said you can often get a clue by looking at their work and the first place to look would be their own rankings and websites back links. Sure not everyone can do a full analysis on a companies back links and it does cost money for such reports but not a lot and you know it might will be the best £200 you ever spend! That said the best place to start would be a full report on your own website and in that process you will learn more about poor links and SEO than you will by listening to ten such experts!

Lack of knowledge: not knowing or having the right data to make the right decision, this can only be solved by spending some money or having the time to really understand your own sites back links and other issues.

Not recognizing competency: not being able to tell the difference between companies when they sound very similar.

Focusing on the wrong signals of competency: when a company puts together fancy looking sales pitches with lots more waffle than substance, one should be on guard, this is not about promises but it is about finding the right partner who will stick with you for years. Thus comparing companies based on cost or short term goals instead of core competencies.

Not calculating the risk / reward relationship correctly: people become a lot more skeptical after receiving penalties and often this paralyses them from taking any further steps, once they fully grasp the gravity of the risks. However, it’s healthy to take some risks, the key is to be fully aware of them!

Being married to one main domain: limiting your online presence to one main domain (your favorite) is a recipe for disaster. It takes time and energy to learn about this process and mistakes always happen, most often the big mistakes are made on the main domain plaguing them with issues for years into the future. Then instead of pivoting to a new domain or having a bunch in the pipeline, they get suffocated by the issues they are facing and see no way out. The most common reason for this is because they spent too much money on the first mistakes but the hardest part with any site is learning what you need to learn, that said, this is the internet were talking about and the second and third sites are often not a lot more difficult than copy and paste (don’t do that with content mind).


All in all these are a few of the ingredients which lead to mistakes and ultimately penalties. But any company who relies on the natural search results for traffic has to make critically good choices. If you want to talk to someone decent in the SEO world, get in touch with The Link Auditors, our tools speak for themselves and came out of the SEO work we do. No one else in this sector can boast of having the same knowledge, tools, or skills!

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