Percentages of Brand Links, white noise, keywords

Something we have covered in the past a few times before is the percentages of links you have for brand links, white noise, and keywords.

What we see clearly working best in practice is to have a fairly high portion of links for the brand. This should account for roughly 30-40 percent of all your links such as:

  1. brand

Then white noise links with anchors should account for about 20 percent of your links such as:

  1. click here
  2. more info.
  3. more
  4. great site
  5. spassing is great
  6. this (or that)

Then actual combinations of keywords links should account for the rest but we like to have a rule which suggests that you never use the same anchor text twice! so a long list of unique anchors.

  1. green widgets
  2. red widgets
  3. pink widgets
  4. round widgets
  5. square widgets
  6. square widgets with round corners
  7. blue boxes placed in a widget

To see your link density you can use our tool on your tools page “Keyword Density Tool”. This is one of the most powerful tools on the market to analyze issues with penguin and other over optimization issues.

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