Negative SEO attack “LinkDetox” on

The attack!

On the 10th of January we discovered un-natural links pointing to us from mainly Russian domains all with the same keyword “link detox“. This looks like a deliberate attempt to get us a Google Algorithmic penalty (Penguin) for over optimization for the keyword ‘link detox’ so we no longer rank for this search term. (currently 3rd in the natural listings).

The sites where the negative SEO attacks are coming from are typically .bg, .su, .lv cc.TLD but mainly from .ru top level domains and are extremely smelly forum comments on soon to be banned domains.

I wanted to make people aware that negative SEO is on the rise and even our business is being targeted by some unsavory and very smelly characters. Normally negative SEO is carried out by ones competitors who will try to damage your organic traffic by getting your site penalized for search terms that you rank for by tripping Google’s algorithmic penalty (Penguin). It is unethical behavior bordering on illegality. In this case we can’t be sure it was carried out by our direct competition (link detox) but we have our suspicions! However, obviously with our tools and experience we detected this negative SEO attack straight away and have elegantly and swiftly handled the situation protecting ourselves from any Google penalty. Here’s what we found out during our investigations.

Information about the one of the IP’s that was involved with creating the attack.

How did we spot this negative attack so early?
What we are doing about it?
How to deal with the situation if you’re affected!

Link showing the bad links in Google results:

How we spotted this attack so early

We have a tool that looks for negative SEO and this compiles a report every month warning us of new threats, in our latest report we saw many new links that were clearly designed to cause penalties.

Our negative SEO tool takes a complete snapshot of a domains back links, and every month the tool will automatically take another snapshot of its current back links then any links that are missing are reported and any new links found are reported.

So what are we going to do about this attack?

As soon as we spotted these foreign domains in our report we then ran some other tools such as our Low Trust Tool which confirmed these links were in fact from banned & low trust sites and then the tool automatically uploaded those URLS to our link removal CMS which crawls the sites to gather all the contact details for these domains.

Then we run our powerful link removal email tool which automatically emailed stern warnings to these sites demanding immediate take down of the content on every site in question.

Then we used our other email tool which contacts the hosting companies. This automatically sends an email to each hosting company raising abuse tickets complaining about their behavior, at the same time we uploaded the disavow list to Google, remember this is actually what the disavow tool is designed for Negative SEO and not for hand choosing your old links which are now working against you. Our Link Removal CMS generates a text file in the correct format to upload to Google’s disavow tool.

List of URL’s We Disavowed So far 323 URL’s viewed HERE

What to do if you suspect a negative SEO attack!

If you want to protect yourself from negative SEO from your competitors then it is imperative that any harmful links are found, removed and disavowed as quickly as possible (using our tools if you want to manage the task elegantly).

If you want access to OUR NEGATIVE SEO TOOL please get in touch for more details.

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