“myblogguest” Just Hit By a Google Penalty

Myblogguest.com Peniliesed

It’s breaking out on Twitter now that Myblogguest.com owned and run by Annsmarty has been hit with penalty and is no longer ranking for its own name. This service has been growing over the years and must have been very nervous following the announcements recently by Matt Cutts (and us) about the precarious nature of the Guest Blogging ‘Industry’.

So far its unclear if Google have also penalized the sites within the network who were using the platform to connect with ‘publishers’ and SEO companies otherwise named ‘inbound marketers’ who coined the term in a quest to move away from basic link building to a more ‘advanced’ white hat friendly service,



However, whoever honestly believed that ‘Guest Blogging’ would not turn sour had their heads in the sand. Clearly its manipulation according to Google and Google’s war on Spam as they term it has been ramped up over recent years as well as being made public. According to Joshua Geary “MyBlogGuest was selling links in the open on the lowest of the low quality blog sites. This hit by Google is just the beginning and is designed to break the spirit of guest blogger spam networks around the web.”. Prior to this Google was engaged in a silent war where they penalized companies in the dark not telling them that they were penalized because of their link profile.

Writing On The Wall

As long ago as January there have been some who were predicting the death of MyBlogGuest and pulling them up on their policy of insisting that ALL participants had to use FOLLOW links (else they would be blocked) despite their public announcements to the contrary!.


Right now, and following these public declarations by Matt Cutts that Guest blogging is no longer acceptable, if you (OR YOUR SEO COMPANY) have engaged in Guest blogging you will need to take a close look at your back link profile and closely monitor the health of the links pointing to your companies web sites now and going forward into the future.

Conducting a Back Link Audit

We have a bunch of tools designed to find links that have recently going sour according to Google. These tools have been developed over the last 6 years and were all based on specific penalties that Google have developed and implemented over the years. If you’re suffering from a penalty now or have been engaged in some of these practices that have now gone sour, then clearly ACTING Fast will help prevent and limit any damage to your business before its too late and Google block all your traffic too! Sign up and do your own link audit for just £200!

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