Moving forward after a Google penalty

One of the big questions people have is what should you do following a penalty.

The first step is to completely recognise how and why you went wrong in the first place. You will often hear people who thought they knew a bit about ‘SEO’ arguing as to why they believe the quality of their own links were OK, justifying them as good links when clearly they are manipulative and most importantly very easily detected as such.

Google have watched every trick in the book and they know all of the easy / lazy tricks people have used. Such people commonly believe that it’s ok to interlink between your own sites or to use ‘high quality’ directory links like Dmoz or Yahoo (both these resources can be considered as spam in today’s world) and are just some of the mistakes people made which they have a hard time understanding.

In truth these are easy mistakes for Google to detect and not the sort of authentic links that Google reward.

To achieve an authentic link profile in today’s environment is harder than it’s ever been, but at the same time ‘going straight’ (giving up on SEO) is like throwing out the baby with the bath water and is not always practical.

The key to winning in today’s market involves recognising a number of truths:

  • 1) you should always be playing with multiple domains.
  • 2) you should be gaining links that appear to be completely authentic.

    What does an authentic link look like?

  • 1) links should be imbedded within articles
  • 2) there should be other outbound links going to relevant and 100% authentic resources
  • 3) big money anchor texts shouldn’t be used. Instead use brand and white noise as anchors.
  • 4) the blog where the article is placed should be relevant to your
    target site.

  • 5) other articles on the blog should be authentic and link out in an
    authentic way to sites which are generally healthy.

  • 6) articles should be well written, visually stimulating , including
    images and good formatting.

    How do you find such links?

    In an ideal world we are told that writing great content will attract great links. In reality unless your writing about very desirable subjects or given something expensive away for free, you will struggle to gain any authentic links. That’s the harsh reality in which we live, which in turn means that without manipulation you will flounder in the ‘organic’ results no doubt to others who are successful getting away with blatant spam and thus you will be forced into paying for Adwords (just where Google want you).

    If you pay for Adwords you SHOULD also be paying for SEO and have a strategy in place (you have nothing else to loose).

    Of course SEO has earned itself bad rep as Google has gone to great efforts to punish everyone they catch (up to mischief) that said while the goal posts have moved, the goal will always be there.

    Decoding Google has been a long standing challenge and goal for The Link Auditors but our knowledge and understanding of Google grew out of our own SEO service which today is one of most authentic, elegant and effective SEO services in the world.

    If you want to discover a completely authentic and elegant article based link building service then get in touch with us and let us impress you with the most authentic links you have ever seen!