Long Anchor Text, Avoiding Keyword Stuffing

Since Penguin people understand that over optimization of anchor texts is bad, they know that they should rotate their keywords and avoid using the same anchors over and again, what people don’t often know about is the potential problems caused by keyword stuffing with long keyword anchor texts: example => “shipping household contents to Sweden with cargo containers” this maybe a long tail keyword anchor text (and seem unsuspicious) but it also contains six potential key phrases and many combinations therein, this will typically be un-tolerated by Google’s algorithms which understand the natural anchor text general pattens and have little tolerance of the unnatural.

Whilst it is perfectly acceptable to use long tail keywords as anchor texts, one must be careful to ensure these are not over stuffed with individual keywords with many money terms included, instead more usage of stop words (words with no meaning, such as ‘here’, ‘more info’, ‘this link’, ‘it,was,then,when’) etc is recommended. So as a general rule of thumb, if you have more than six words in your link anchor text, make sure at least no more than two of these words are money terms!

For more insights into your websites links and anchor text makeup we invite you to do a full link audit where we can check many other aspects of the health and status of your links and help you improve the natural appearance of your site in Googles search engine.