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Hacking Twitter for profit and ‘viral’ growth

Here at The Link Auditors we play with lots of data, this gives us insights to business opportunities that others might not see. One of the latest toys we have been playing with is hacking Twitter to bypass their payment gateway while getting through to new customers.

Imagine if you could have access to all of Twitters user data, to then understand and drill down through all of the businesses that are listed on Twitter and filter out the ones relevant to your business, then send them all a direct email – introducing your relevant service! Useful ha?

Finding new clients online is the key to new business, doing it cheaply is the secret, sure we can all pay Twitter 1$ for every tweet that has an some engagement, or pay Google 1$ for every time someone clicks on your add, or the same to FaceBook, all of which dictate you can only use about 150 letters and none of them give you the data outside their platform so you can try different messages etc. Ultimately they become the gatekeepers to new customers and businesses are left reliant on paying them and adhering to their rules within their systems.

As a result if we want any autonomy we are left to our own devices against these big guys systems and one such method, SEO, has been a valid method to cheat the ‘Google’ system of Adwords, though with recent Google’s wars on web-sites ‘cheating them’ and their link penalties, companies are looking for alternative methods of getting new customers. It’s not wrong is it? Well only if you do so and don’t pay the old gate-masters, according to them of course…

Anyway, moving on to harvesting Twitter data for profit and bypassing their payment gateway. The great thing about this big data stuff is that it gives us access to data compiled in ways never seen before. Imagine if you want a list of all the Spanish restaurants in the world? How much would that cost? First off, the traditional directory companies such as Thompson local et el are normally unable to give you such specific data sets, they might have a list of restaurants but you wont get a spanish subset off them. This is where Twitter comes in to its own. Using big data and the information companies have shared about themselves we can scan and group the specific companies were looking for like never before.

Once we have their Twitter profiles where they share such information we can scrape their websites to ensure they are a good match for our criteria, then get their contact details such as email addresses and contact forms, ready to send them all messages, automatically even… cool ha? Well not if your Twitter and trying to charge businesses to use your platform for the pleasure of sending 140 characters while ‘reaching new customers’ with a tweet. Anyway were not, so I guess its still cool.

Looking at the future of this big data stuff and the technology needed to harvest, filter, scrape, and then reach out too extremely relevant people in your target sector, bypassing all the middle men, I can see the attraction for many companies. Right now were beta testing the service and welcome inquires for testing and using this new method of reaching out to your specific target markets. SEE TWITTER FOR BUSINESS for more infomation

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