Google Penalty Recovery Service

It’s often thought that recovering from a penalty consists of inspecting the back links, finding the toxic ones and then disavowing them. ON the country this simplistic approach has been shown time and again to delay the recovery process so much so that companies sometimes waste years in a helpless state thinking they have done everything they can according to Google and that somehow Google is victimising them unfairly. Whilst that viewpoint is often the most comfortable perspective to espouse by the professionals working in this space, we at the link auditors have a very different perspective.

Companies working to remove penalties have an obligation to undo the manipulation in order to show good faith to Google and satisfy their demand for toxic links to be removed, thereby undergoing the difficult work of reaching out to the linking sites and asking them to accommodate the removal of any links placed with the intention of manipulating Google.

That turns out often to be a difficult conversation sometimes involving payments and at least a lot of work on both the sides of the fence, and for a bunch of people who are otherwise not interested in your companies plight.

Having such a conversation demands one a difficult task, that of making contact and thus finding the contact details of all said parties, that may be an email address or a contact form on their website or whois page, which amounts to a massive task when challenged with sometimes hundreds of webmeisters that may be linking to your site.

Toxic Link Removal

One of the most important tools we have developed here at the Link Auditors is our own in-house outreach tool that not only finds email addresses and sends polite link removal requests, but it also locates contact forms, then actually posts into those forms the same polite message, breaking any Captcha challenge that are placed to prevent the forms being posted to by robots with spam. Evading such technological barriers demands some very smart technology and this is one of the most difficult challenges we have had to overcome when we set out to make such a tool. Not least was there the problem of breaking the Captcha challenges but you wouldn’t believe it but to actually find these images on the page was also extremely difficult from a technical pot of view.

Of course humans can easily distinguish what is a captcha challenge, but if you are looking at a web page and you are a computer program, understanding where on the page it is located so it can then be broken is actually really hard. One might assume it would be easy as the input field may be called captcha or something similar, but again disparate forms have all manor of naming conventions for the input fields that must be understood, some may be just named with numbers and as such the challenge becomes making sense of all the input fields in order to put the message into the message field and the subject in the subject field.

On top of this you sometimes have two such forms on one page, one maybe a search box, then another problem is other unexpected questions that might be asked, what is your message about, etc. and also perplexing is understanding the html code, sometimes these are not conforming to any standards, have poor code and bugs which makes decrypting them even harder to break, while sometimes they will post into new pages with no standard use of relative or absolute paths, meaning that just understanding where it is supposed to be posted to, that is /sendmessage.php or such vs ../ etc. this can take quite some interpretation with many potential pathways having to be considered and much work to make sense of anything that you come across.

Lastly maybe is the issue of cookies and sessions that have to be managed effectively to emulate the path any human user would take. It is no wonder why we are the only company in the world in this sector who can boost to offer such a feature and it is by this measure which any company should be judged in this space. If they cannot remove the toxic links, they are wasting someone else’s time and money!

Lets take a look at how this works
Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 14.46.10

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