Getting a manual penalty removed is not the point!

Getting your traffic back is the point!

Many ‘professionals’ in this sector chalk up their successes based on the number of penalties they get removed, the criteria being when Google write to the site owner telling them they have lifted the manual penalty they call this a success and the end of the task!

But getting a manual penalty removed means nothing in this game! Getting a domains traffic back is the only metric that affected companies should be concerned with!

We know many agencies often use minimum efforts and techniques to achieve penalty removal and ‘success’ but they don’t care about the aftermath of their work, nor do they care about the health of the site following the removal of the penalty! Instead regaining traffic is considered a separate unrelated task for which they then duly charge for as another service.

The Problems They Create:

Firstly getting the penalty removed by disavowing almost everything is one of the biggest mistakes they make, this creates a situation where all the healthy links are also disavowed and hence damages the site in the process, they use a machete instead of a well tuned laser to find the bad links and disavow them specifically.

Secondly they don’t do the hard work of actually removing the links, instead they rely mainly on disavowing links. Removing only a small portion of the bad links will result in further problems down the line and not help with algorithmic penalties (of which there could be any number in the pipeline ahead).

Google Do NOT TREAT Disavowed links as removed links!

Thirdly, algorithmic penalties will not be lifted as part of a manual penalty removal. That said if you don’t remove the problem links and deal with the problem properly you will still be suffering with the automatic algorithmic penalties, which do not show up as a manual penalty but have the deadly effect of making sure you don’t ever rank for your most highly prized search terms and you won’t even be notified about the problem!

Regaining traffic is the only criteria for measuring success!

When clients come to us, there are many instances where we will deal with penalties by not even doing a reconsideration request! Getting a manual penalty removed is not our end goal, we instead want traffic recovery but by using the safest options for that client!

Important things we consider first:

We first look at the other problems a manual inspection might create, manual reviewers will consider other sites connected by IP or that use shared webmaster tools accounts, or share the same company details or address, these other sites will then be looked into and penalties can often be spread across other domains as a result of manual inspections that take place at the request of people doing reconsideration requests.

If a client has nothing to loose then we will do a reconsideration request, but if it will shine a light on a network of other sites, we will instead opt for getting the penalties lifted by simply removing all the negative links manually, this is a very quiet process that involves only us and the link resources, and when the Google Bots see these links removed the penalties will be lifted automatically anyway. (Ranking penalties often expire in a set time (if the links are removed) and are not lifetime penalties!) This may seem to take a bit longer than simply getting a notice from Google saying the penalty has been lifted, but it’s often the quickest way to regain traffic with or without a successful penalty removal notice!

Successfully Recovering a Domains Traffic is the main purpose of conducting Link Audit and going through the link removal process!

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