Geotargeting Locations and TLD

There was an interesting post the other day on the Google forums mentioning that Google are now treating the cc.TLD .io as an international TLD.

Google treat some cc.tld as international meaning they they can be geo targeted to global locations. Therefore you could have a .io for example ranking in the UK results etc. The complete list of these cc.tld that they treat as international are laid out here:

Another interesting tool to use when wanting to look at the Google results in different territories without having to go through proxies etc. is this geo targeting tool, where you can set the location and language you want to see the results in those locations:

There was recently a post on SEland covering everything this topic has to talk about in more detail (though they missed the .io thing along with other cc.tlds and must be publishing from an old list so don’t use their list use the link above if looking for useful cc.tlds), and they also missed this useful geo targeted search results tool above 🙂

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