DiD Cringely Call Out Google as Robbers Unfairly?

An interesting post and rant by Cringely who has been posting on his blog for many years and has caused quite some debate, talking about his sisters site ( http://www.portraitquilts.com/ ) that sells ‘pillow quilts’ that has recently been banned from Google.


Interestingly the post made fairly big news and there’s been lots of debate with all the other search engines coming out to dig into Google too, Such as Blekkos boss chimed in as did someone from Bing both calling out the differences to their search results and customer relation experiences, that said unusually Matt Cutt’s didn’t get into this debate to protect Google’s reputation and has refrained so far on this occasion (least on hacker news where he hangs out a lot these days).

Now its surely a hot subject but did Google call it correctly? Was there manipulation behind this sites ranks and if so is there anything we can learn from looking at their back link Audit?

Well taking a quick look it seems like a standard case we often see with regards such actions. The site has a lot of links from poor quality directories and also suffers from over optimization of anchor texts, as well as direct attempts to manipulate the search potions with such links.

Now Cringely thought he could help his sister by adding a few new links from his authority blog to her crippled site, using his basic SEO knowledge and anchor text tricks, that said he stuck a link at the top of his article with the main money term anchor text “Portrait Quilts” and there was no reason for that link, clearly what was going through his mind was he thought he might be able to give her a good link and help her recover her Google positions….

Lets be CRYSTAL clear! You can’t get out of a Google penalty by adding more links and in this case he made even more trouble for her as he added yet another link for the already over optimized link text ‘Portrait Quilts’, bad idea Cringely, she already has 10% of her anchor text distribution for that term, it should not be higher than about 3-4% for any particular term. That’s unnatural and Google can see the manipulation as we all can.

And you know what else Google can see? that the term “photo pillows” has over 23% of all the anchors the site has, that’s over optimization on a grand scale!

If you look at the links, you will see some of the worst types of paid links with both blatant manipulation from mostly paid link directories! For example:



In fact with so much manipulation going on I wouldn’t have called attention to this site at all, it will be a hard crawl back to the good books of Google and the first thing they will need to do is remove about 50% of the links as they look like blatant spam WHICH OUR tools call them out.

So what does our Index Trust Tool think of the links?

WOW 78% of this domains backlinks are in a bad neighborhood THAT’S WHAT! Not very clean ha? NO. Normal sites with no SEO manipulation tend to have less than about 20% of their links from a bad neighborhood!

THE interesting thing is the site was using many links from the same IP which could have been easily detected but the Index Trust Tool found another 17 links to add to the report that were not already added for over optimization or already found as part of the FREE duplicate IP tool!

OK A few more tools to run left, Our banned link tool (found another 8 links), sitewide tool and we have a complete list of bad links, which should be removed. The next thing Cringelys sister will have to do is get these bad links removed, now we’ve run all the tools free so far Cringely so you have all the data of these bad links now listed on our FREE LINK REMOVAL CMS here: (this is a part that helps you manage link removal projects):


If you want to use our nifty tools to get the links removed all you have to now do is pay the £49 fee and sit back and let our automatic contact tools do all the work for you. They post bespoke messages to the contact forms of these sites cracking any captcha challenges when they see them and is the best way to get links removed elegantly and swiftly. They normally get more than 50% of the bad links removed and are a great to manage such problems elegantly and swiftly.

If your suffering from any penalties or fear you are close to one by having had some questionable link practices in the past then you should start your own project on www.linkaudit.co.uk and see what we find wrong with your site!

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