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What’s a bad link?

Google have gone to war on paid links and unnatural links for the last 2 years, following this we all live in fear of bad links.

  • Could a link be part of a negative SEO attack?
  • Could they be harmful links considered as manipulative?
  • Could they be holding back search ranks?

These are the legitimate questions that company bosses need to ask when dealing with back links to their sites now. As such EVERY company should monitor their back links regularly to avoid these costly false penlites costing their companies serious lost business for months on end while any false penalty due to mistake or Negative SEO is straightened out.

What’s a good link?

When we got an email from asking US to remove a NATURAL and HEALTHY link to them from our site, I WAS NOT ONLY SURPRISED BUT shocked. Since this is a company who are in the business of ‘online management’ which claims they can “Improves How You Look Online” and “Clears Negatives. Enhances Positives”!

Whats a false positive?

WOW so whats happened here is a company who’s mission it is to improve how companies look online (I would suppose) and that includes search positions (I would hope) have clearly miss classified a natural and positive link to their site as harmful and requested it to be removed (as they fear it may harm their SEARCH ranks) when its actually helping them, and as such they not only wasting their own time, but more importantly our time, along with their SEARCH Ranks and clearly employing people to tackle this task of monitoring their back links and no doubt their clients back links who JUST DON’T GET IT!

From: Legal Dept []
Sent: 11 March 2014 20:38
Subject: Link Removal for

Dear Webmaster,

I hope this email finds you well. As the webmaster of, I appreciate you linking to our site. Unfortunately Google does not feel the same. Therefore, I am working towards cleaning up the links in an effort to adhere to the Google Guidelines more closely. That includes links that have been created on your website

Please remove all links, pointing to any page on; specific pages that we have found linking to are listed below.
I would appreciate your immediate attention on this matter. Please update me as soon upon completion so I can update my records.
Thank you and please respond if you have any additional changes. Webmaster/legal

Percentages of Brand Links, white noise, keywords


Be careful who you employ when you monitor your backlink profile, they or the tools you’re using clearly don’t get it. CAN I SUGGEST INSTEAD you use OUR tools and services which are designed to highlight REAL bad links and manage this task of cleaning your BAD links only, elegantly and smoothly. IN FACT I will offer you to do it all for NO MORE THAN £200 (that’s our standard price for everyone who wishes to use our tools).

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