Avoiding the Google Panda Penalty Case Study

Recently The Link Auditors were employed by the popular documentary film website Doc-film-net which was under a site-wide penalty for all search terms that it used to rank for, such as ‘download documentaries‘ and free download documentaries, search terms which are highly trafficked and resulted in significant loss of traffic for the site.

After a full link audit and investigation of the site, we discovered many pages being indexed incorrectly by Google, these were typically comment pages, that added no real value to the site and were being produced by the bespoke content management system ‘incorrectly’, this is a typical problem of poorly designed CMS or any CMS where the developers have not envisaged such a problem being caused by having surplus pages being spat out unnecessarily by the system. AN EXTREMELY EASY MISTAKE TO MAKE!

As a result the site had over 20K pages indexed by Google and this should have been less than 300 in reality, with careful use of the No Index meta tag, with some very minor on page changes to the site we watched the number of pages indexed by Google reduce to around the correct value and with this the positions in Google search results returned naturally without any form of reconsideration request necessary, nor were there any notifications in Google webmaster tools.

As a result of the reductions in pages indexed so did the positions return in Google and along with that the traffic to the site and we can start to monitor the traffic with our new Google position report service and you can see the position report:

So Be Warned!

Google Panda is often de-indexing sites and lowering the postions simply because your CMS is spitting out too many false pages which Google perceive as poor quality content, and penalize you as a result!