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    Link Audits

    The Link Auditors, provide business intelligence software to decode Google penalties and SEO over-optimisation.

    Digital Marketing

    We provide strong competitive analysis data with link graphs to understand accurately what factors allow competitors to rank well.

    We understand what causes Google penalties and we provide solutions that make a difference!

    We have over 10 years history and experience in analysing backlink profiles and we have built a suite of tools able to detect and remove the toxic links which cause penalties.

    We provide Business Intelligence Solutions to decode Google and thereby improve your online presence in Google Search Results.

    Google penalties are massive obstacles for web sites. There are 'Manual Penalties' where Google notify you, there are also algorithmic penalties (hidden) which makes it difficult to understand the reason for low traffic & poor positions in the search engine.

    We don't just provide reports! We have an entire content management system dedicated to managing the toxic links we find and we have very powerful link removal tools designed to remove those toxic links which cause penalties.

    Link Removal Service

    Fully automatic link removal
    on average 75% of links removed

    20% Off Reruns

    Had an audit in the past? You can re audit your project for less

    Ranking Problems?

    We will work with you to restore your natural placement at the top of the results

    Digital Marketing

    We provide an intelligent DM strategy with a strong focus on business intelligence

    Decoding Google Penalties

    Manual Google Penalty

    Manual penalties are issued by Google's Spam team for violations of their terms of service. Google demand all toxic links are found and removed before they remove this penalty. Careful analysis of the links will need to be carried out then a painful outreach process will need to be undertaken to get those toxic links actually removed prior to a reconsideration request.

    Algorithmic Google Penalty

    Algorithmic penalties are automatically applied if toxic links are discovered by Google's Algorithms. Once these penalties are applied they will expire automatically only after the toxic links have been removed, and then only after specific durations. Once trust has been lost on a domain, specialist care is necessary to fully recover that domain to full health!

    Read more about Google penalties here.


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